• Research blockchain issues
  • Develop solutions and mechanisms
  • Build a technology platform to address issues
  • Whitepaper
  • Establish basic principles of community airdrop system
  • Develop token issuance mechanism
  • Test token issuance mechanism
  • Test referral mechanism
  • Decentralized Exchange Testnet
  • Complete phone application for receiving community airdrops
  • Complete app for receiving timed community airdrops
  • Officially launch timed airdrop feature
  • Launch Wise mechanism
  • Present project potential and seek investment from investors and angel funds
  • Collaborate with other partners to link with SEA Finance's decentralized exchange
  • Expand blockchain network
  • Develop basic principles for consensus e-commerce
  • Marketing to attract transaction volume
  • Officially list SEF token at its intrinsic value
  • Token burn phase 1: 45,000,000 SEF
  • Intelligent token burn mechanism
  • CEX Listing
  • Decentralized Exchange Mainnet
  • Test bridge system to develop cross-chain feature
  • Officially exchange SEF token for official currencies on DEX
  • Develop consensus e-commerce system
  • Use SEF as a global conversion and payment currency on the consensus e-commerce ecosystem
  • Integrate centralized exchange into potential entertainment platforms (gamefi, NFT, socialfi…)
  • Token burn phase 2: 45,000,000 SEF
  • Officially launch decentralized e-commerce exchange
  • Build project's own Socialfi platform
  • Whitepaper v2
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