App Mining SEF - How does it work?

There are three main roles in Sea Mining App - Miners, Referrers, and Wise Mining Accounts. When you click the mining button to start your 24-hour mining session, you will earn SEF Tokens (the official token of the Sea Finance project) according to the formula (basic power) + (basic power) x 30% x (number of miners in your mining group) in the next 24 hours until your mining session ends. The basic power when a miner starts mining is 0.416 SEF per hour and it will decrease to 0.208 SEF per hour when the total number of users has reached 20,000 worldwide, then decrease to 0.104 SEF per hour when it reaches 50,000 worldwide users, decrease to 0.052 SEF per hour when it reaches 100,000 users, and finally return to 0 when it reaches 500,000 worldwide users. Therefore, the key to earning more SEF Tokens is to mine and refer new users to join your mining group as much as possible while the basic power is still high. The reduction of basic mining power will not apply to Wise Mining Accounts.
Last modified 10mo ago