This is the official whitepaper of the Sea Finance project

The document aims to provide a technical summary of the vision behind the Sea Finance project and the feasible direction it could take as the project develops. It targets various cryptocurrency investors, from average to expert, who may become end-users of the Sea ecosystem and explains why the development team chose this direction for the project.

However, this is not a technical document serving as a user guide, technical specification, or any such official documents, including non-core aspects of the project such as APIs, constraints, languages, and usage. The project is a large ecosystem of various services in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and supports the circulation and payment of global goods. As the project is in its early development stage, the outline parameters in this document may change over time, but the core ideology and vision will remain unchanged, unless and until the Research and Development team decides to introduce new features to the ecosystem.

In this document, you will be introduced to the original token of the Sea Finance ecosystem and how the token operates on different Sea Finance platforms. Instead of selling the token to raise funds for the project, the team has decided to distribute the token publicly to the community through an Airdrop Mining process to develop the community naturally and fairly. However, holding the tokens does not give the owner any complete or partial ownership rights over the Sea Finance project.

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