The Referrer

The referrer helps build a vibrant community with reliable members. The value of SEF tokens increases as the community grows stronger and more members engage in SEF transactions for goods and services. A referrer can introduce new miners to join your mining group. For every member who is active in your group, you earn an additional 30% of their basic hash rate as a bonus for your referral. For example, if you have 10 members in your mining group and all members are actively mining SEF, you will earn an additional 10 x 30% = 300% SEF based on your basic hash rate. Therefore, the key to earning more SEF tokens is to introduce more new miners to join your mining group and encourage them to log in every day to mine SEF. For instance, if your basic hash rate is 0.416 SEF per hour and you have introduced 10 new miners to your mining group, and you and 7 of them are actively mining today, you will earn 0.416 (basic hash rate) + 0.416 x 7 x 30% (referral bonus) = 1.29 SEF per hour today. Note that there is no limit to the number of new users you can introduce to your mining group.
Therefore, there is no limit to the referral bonus hash rate. You can imagine the difference in income when you have built a mining group of 200 users compared to mining SEF alone.
Last modified 10mo ago