What is the price of SEF?

There may be many questions raised here. So what is the price of SEF while it is given as a community bonus completely for free? In the following explanation, the project aims to provide the community with a broader overview of the project's vision, mission, and somehow users will understand part of the value of SEF, ultimately leading to a decision of why to mine, hold and own it.
Is 1 SEF worth $1?
I'm not sure whether SEF can have a value of $1 or more. The value of SEF will be influenced by the number of players in the network, the frequency and total transactions among players, liquidity and trading market time, and the contribution value of SEF tokens to real-life. Just like all other token coins, its value is $0 when it is launched. Only when the intrinsic value is built can SEF gradually create its own value.
So where does the project build intrinsic value for SEF from?
Value of interaction
As introduced above, Sea Finance is a diverse decentralized financial ecosystem consisting of multiple platforms and services. Initially, the project team will use 60% of the Sef supply to reward users through Airdrop Mining as a way to exchange for a loyal and regular community interaction with the project. Nowadays, many people still do not understand how much value their interactions on the digital space bring. However, for a long time, the "value measures" for those behaviors have emerged. They have been measured and valued through research, analysis, and conclusions by many reputable economic and marketing organizations worldwide.
Continuous measurement results over the years show that the price growth is constantly increasing. Recent reports on a popular social network, Facebook, show that the price of "Each Click" on this platform costs advertisers an average of $1.72. Cost Per Click (CPC) = $1.72, which is also the average price of "an interaction."
This shows that each user's behavior can indeed be transformed into tangible assets, and they are also measured by "currency measures" like any other commodity.
The above figure shows you a clear and interesting report, and you can find many other interesting reports on the cost that advertisers have paid for each interaction action in the digital space.
Pause for a moment and think about whether you are amazed to know that almost all of your behaviors generate a value similar to a resource? Technology platforms have long been quietly mining them from you every day, turning them into their assets, and indeed, if you look at the amount of assets they have accumulated, you will be surprised.
So if every day a user activates the mining button to receive SEF rewards, they will inadvertently interact with a random advertisement. We don't expect much value from this, but we do agree that this interaction will bring intrinsic value to the SEF token. If 500 interactions are needed to exchange for $1, I'm sure you know this is feasible. So if millions of miners on the platform interact daily, will this bring intrinsic value to the SEF token? The project team commits to using 100% of the profit from these interactions to increase the value of the SEF token. And the value of SEF, which is officially listed, will have a contribution from you as well.
Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
As a component of the Sea Finance ecosystem, Decentralized Exchanges have grown into an extensive ecosystem with most existing projects operating within this space. However, we still aim to differentiate ourselves and contribute to creating a fair and transparent market. The Sea Finance team recognizes that many users may not fully understand or be familiar with the decentralized market and may be unsure how to profit from it. (We will release a detailed announcement about the DEX exchange when it launches.)
The immense profit potential that DEX brings comes mainly from transaction fees, IFO, NFT Marketplaces, Games, and Lending & Borrowing. This has been demonstrated by major players such as Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and Sushi swap. The revenue and profits generated by the top 5 DEX exchanges in the first 7 months of 2022 are shown in the statistics above.
In phase 2, when the Decentralized Exchanges ecosystem launches, the SEF token will participate as the primary token and governance token of the exchange. Users will use SEF tokens to participate in staking and farming on the exchange to earn profits. All profits generated from the DEX exchange will be used 100% to increase the intrinsic value of SEF. At this stage, SEF officially operates and is valued by swapping SEF for the fiat currency USDT, creating real value for SEF.
Consensus E-commerce Platform
This platform allows the exchange of goods through consensus between buyers and sellers, without being dominated by any legal or national currency. It enables goods to flow freely without geographic or national currency restrictions.
In phase 3, the Sea Finance team will launch the consensus e-commerce platform and use the SEF token as the primary payment method. At this stage, the SEF token is converted and becomes a global payment method. The revenue of the consensus e-commerce platform comes from listing fees and sales commissions, which are all used to buy and burn SEF, creating scarcity and sustainable value for SEF.
Smart Burn Mechanism
From the moment the project team came up with the idea, the Sef token was assigned a smart burn mechanism in a transparent smart contract on Bscscan, which automatically reduces the Sef supply. With each transaction carried out through a personal wallet or exchangefee of 1% is automatically charged and bu1rned immediately.
Although the evidence and arguments presented in this article do not clearly indicate the exact price of 1 Sef when trading, I believe it has helped you understand the intrinsic value of the asset you are mining on the Sea Finance platform. And I am confident that the value of each Sef will not stop at an initial value of $1 or $2. It may even be much higher.
Therefore, what is important for you now is not to delay. Take advantage of this golden opportunity to mine and share its value with those around you. Here, we already have tens of thousands of miners exploring this amazing resource.
Last modified 10mo ago