Wise Account

We have launched a mining package that enables users to maximize their reward earnings at a faster rate. Users who upgrade to this mining package are called Miner Wise. To upgrade to the Wise mining package, users will have to pay $100 for a one-time fee.
The main purpose of the Wise mining package is to create a strong incentive to share and spread the project to new members while ensuring that the user base is made up of genuine users and not bots. This contradicts the criterion of not calling for initial community funding, but the project will not use this amount for any purpose.
The $100 upgrade fee will be paid out with 30% going to the direct referrer, equivalent to $30, and 5% being distributed to 14 positions below them, equivalent to $70. As such, the project will not retain any of the user's money.
The differences between a Wise upgraded account and a regular account are:
  • The basic mining speed of the Wise account is three times faster than that of a regular user.
  • Wise users have the right to introduce or guide regular users to upgrade to the Wise package and receive 30% of their upgrade fee, equivalent to $30.
  • Wise users enjoy an additional 5% basic mining speed for each Wise user below them in the 14 tiers.
  • Wise users receive 5% of the upgrade fee for each Wise user below them in the 14 tiers.
  • Wise users are not subject to mining power reduction when they reach the user threshold.
To enable easy management for users, Sea Finance has designed a network management system specifically for Wise upgraded mining package accounts. This is to motivate and promote transparency in developing new members.
Sea Finance aims to bring true decentralization to the DeFi ecosystem. One of the most effective ways to do so is to make it accessible to more people.
A Miner Wise can introduce new miners to join your mining pool to enjoy the benefits of being a regular miner. Additionally, when Miner Wise introduces a regular account to upgrade to Wise, the following calculation will be applied. For every Miner Wise that operates in your pool, you will earn an additional 30% of the basic computing power as a reward for your referral. If you have 10 members in your mining pool and all are actively mining SEF with the upgraded Wise mining package, you will earn an additional 10 x 30% = 300% of SEF coins based on your basic computing power. For example, if your basic increase rate is 1.29 SEF per hour, you have introduced 10 new miners to your pool, and you and 10 of them are mining today, you will earn 1.29 (basic computing power) + 1.29 x 10 x 30% (referral bonus) + 1.29 x 5% (additional bonus for each Wise account below you) = 5.7 SEF per hour, equivalent to 136 SEF today. Wise accounts also receive USDT referral bonuses, which are calculated using the same formula.
Please note that the referral bonus for each account below you will be calculated even if the Wise account is introduced by your sponsor or above as long as it exceeds 14 levels from you.
In the latter part of this document, we will introduce you to the Sea Finance token (SEF), which is the original token of the Sea Finance ecosystem.